Book review of – Entwined Desires

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
Entwined desires

The theme of the book is erotica with some interesting mysteries. Children below 17 should not read this book as the content of this book is highly erotic and sensual. So if you are an adult and looking for some steamy hot stuff to read then buy this book without any second thought. The cover of this book is super gorgeous giving it extra bonus points and making readers buy it. It perfectly suits the book’s genre having a picture of a couple standing with their bodies entwined. The picture on the front cover is beautiful enough to make you curious about the inner content.

The story revolves around Dhruv Singhania, a hot stud multimillionaire and his wife Anukriti who are really passionate about each other. You can’t really tell that if they love each other or not but yes the bond they shared may attract many readers. Dhruv is really possessive for his wife and wants to control her emotions. Anukriti being abused as a child by his own stepfather want to be protected. They love, they fought but in the end, the craved for each other. There are also two other female characters Shivani and Garima. Shivani is the best friend of Anukriti while Garima is in love with Dhruv. The story is more like a topsy-turvy ride and if you are looking for a good erotica book this winter then just but it, don’t waste time by reading reviews.

Negatives – This book is written in a way where there is a chapter of present day and next will be a flashback. So it was irritating for me to turn pages again and again to recall the date.

Overall this was a good read. Did I mention that this was the first book of the entwined series? Go grab your copy now and I’m sure that last chapter will leave you with so many questions.

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