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  ‘Quinsilera’ is a fantasy fiction novel in which there are ghosts, certain magic powers and fight. QUINSILERA means queen. The story starts with Milisha and Radha. Radha the mother of Milisha and present quinsilera fights with ghosts and take away Milisha to protect her but after her death, Milisha has to return to the […]

Book review of Harappa

Harappa book, the sortng hat

From sixth class till now History is one of my favorite subjects. No, I can’t remember all dates but yes I love to know what happened in the past, how everything was created and moreover who shaped this society. We all know about HARAPPA, the accident city. In this book, Vineet Bajpai has portrayed his […]

Side effects of over eating almonds

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Almonds and their effects     We have heard this million times from everyone that almonds are good for health but sadly many people don’t know that these nutritious nuts have many side effects too. These are our best friends only if they are consumed in limited quantities.  Everyone believes that almonds are beneficial because […]