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Aparna sinha


Here are some special facts about author Aparna Sinha and her life. It was really a good experience talking to her about her journey.

  • Hello, ma’am tell us something about your journey as a writer to published author. Something which we don’t know about your life.

I had a strict schedule for writing and I used to follow it religiously. When I write, I don’t watch anything on TV (not even documentaries). I used to meditate for at least half an hour between 5-5:30 am.  At times I write for 17 hours at stretch taking minimal breaks (for nicotine and caffeine). I sleep very less 2-5 hour in a day.

Now I am a mother, things have changed. Except for not watching TV while writing (which is very much there)  I can’t follow the same schedule as before, I don’t meditate, I don’t get up early in the morning; at times I sleep after 5:30; and if I could write for 2 hours without getting disturbed, I consider myself  lucky. Having said that motherhood made me stronger, not only physically but also emotionally and that is now reflected in my writings


  • Why did you choose crime thriller genre for your first novel when all the fame and glory go to romance novels nowadays.

A writer should write only what gives him/her satisfaction; anything else and he/she would neither satiate his/her creativity nor could satisfy the readers. I love reading thrillers, especially literary thriller fictions as books in that category has a beautiful language, settings, self-publishing nail-biting climax, and drama. One book encompasses everything. I wanted to write something similar.


  • Nothing is easy in this life. So what challenges you have to face while writing and publishing your first book.

New authors like myself, often find themselves lost and confused while submitting the manuscript, especially, now when the Indian publishing market is blooming and besides traditional self-publishing and co-publishing companies are available; A big thanks to existing writer friends like Deepak Kripal and Eshwar Sundaresan, for guiding me through this.


  • We all make mistakes and learn from them. So is there anything you want to change in your past which you think was not a very wise step of yours.

To be honest I can think of some J but everything in life happened for a reason; the more I wanted to change something from past, the vulnerable I became. I made mistakes and I am glad I did. I am a better person now,




  • In our society, a woman has to face many challenges (far more than men) to establish herself and the biggest support she has is of her family. So who was that person in your family who always supported your dreams?

I am lucky that people always supported me; encouraged me to dream and never made give up, even when I doubted my capabilities these people stood by me believed in me. My husband, my mother, my brother and sister tops the list followed by my friends.


  • No nation is perfect, you agree with this right? So what is that one thing you want to change which can make our country a better place to live?

A country is made by its people and India is a beautiful land of diverse culture, religion and color. India is a loving and warm country; however looking at current scenario when fake news are getting viral and propaganda politics is on the rise  I would want people act wisely and not react to everything on internet.


  • What do you like to do in your free time? What is your hobby other than writing

I read. I am a voracious reader and I read all the time. Even when I trying to put my son to bed, I will read; while feeding him I will read.

book, the sorting hat


About Author:

Aparna Sinha: wrote her first poem when she was seven, which she recited on All India Radio.  Since then, her literary work and industry specific articles have been published in various mediums, including reputed business magazines across Asia.

Equipped with a Master’s in management, when she was forced to quit her lucrative job because of a chronic disease, she focused on her sole passion – writing. Ashvamedha is her first book; the book is at #6 among ‘Top 50 favorite books by female authors in 2016’

Facebook page:

Twitter handle: aparna326


About Book

Ashvamedha: The Game of Power

“You have to dethrone a powerful man to become the most powerful. I was itching to defeat the single most powerful person, but there wasn’t any. I was left with only one choice — to create one.”

Little does Ashwin Jamwal know that the last twenty-five years of his life have been controlled by a master manipulator, who wanted to make him the most powerful man on earth, though for a reason! Ashwin steps up to take oath as the youngest Prime Minister of India and is unknowingly thrown into a vortex of power and authority as the entire world is threatened by a faceless enemy — Hades.

The world starts to look up to Ashwin as the savior, but he was just a pawn, reared only to be sacrificed in the end.

A story of greed, lies, deceptions, manipulations, and corruption, Ashvamedha is a thriller revolving around the infamous game of power in a maddening bid to seek absolute control.

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