Book review of – One last time

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
One last time


One last time is a tale of two boys Nakul and Prakash who are the main protagonist of the book. There is female protagonist too, Aakanksha, but her role in the book was unnecessary. It seems that as if this character was forcibly introduced in the book for the ‘Girl factor’. The novel would not have been affected if her character would not be present in the book or Author should have made that character strong.

Story line

This story revolves around the friendship of Nakul and Prakash. Nakul who is a Delhi teenager and Prakash who is a village farmer’s boy came to know each other when Nakul’s grandmother forcefully take Nakul to her village to make him realize that villages too have their share of beauty and scenery. There Nakul and Prakash became friends and they became inseparable. But after the summer holidays ended Nakul had to return to Delhi but he extremely misses his friend. When he asks his mother if he can go to the village once again she agrees but on one condition. Nakul will have to score more than 80% in final exams. Nakul who was very average in studies decides to fulfill this wish and then enters Aakanksha who became his friend and helped him in scoring his desired results. He then again visits his grandmother’s village and spends a lot of a good time with his friend Prakash. After returning to Delhi when he was going to appear for his board examinations he comes to know that due to the failure of the crop that year Prakash and his family have left their home forever and shifted to another place. Then the story continues and in the end, everything becomes happy.

Title and story

In this novel, everything seems predictable after some time. The story was going at a great pace but after few chapters author increased the pace of the story and the story became less interesting. The basic plot of the book could have made interesting if the narration would have been good. The book lacks good narration. The story was simple and sweet but is not gripping. The book’s title ‘one last time’ describes how Nakul wanted to see his dear friend one last time.


The cover of the book is simply basic and I don’t like it much. It’s not that bad but it could have been better. It has a picture of a boy facing the sunset who is waiting for his friend. It is according to the theme of the book.

Hope to read more from the author.


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5 Replies to “Book review of – One last time”

  1. a story about friendship…
    absolutely my type 🙂 😉

    1. Yup
      but it became boring after some time. It has a good story but not good narration.

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  3. Very informative and detailed review.

    1. Thank you so much. i’m glad you like it.

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