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Harappa book, the sortng hat
book, the sorting hat

From sixth class till now History is one of my favorite subjects. No, I can’t remember all dates but yes I love to know what happened in the past, how everything was created and moreover who shaped this society. We all know about HARAPPA, the accident city. In this book, Vineet Bajpai has portrayed his story in the settings of Harappan civilization as well in today’s modern era. Two stories run parallelly, one is of the time 1700 BCE and then the other one is of 2017. I chose to read this book first because I always love to read about our ancient civilizations and Vedic times so automatically the name “HARAPPA” caught my attention and secondly because I loved its cover.

The story has many surprises and suspense scenes which can keep you glued to the novel. The story will take you to its world of magical forces, exorcism, divine powers, gods and powerful humans who made history.

The story starts with Vidyut’s dying ancestor summoning him to Banaras. He is the grandson of the great chief of Dev-Raakshasa Matth which is a place known for rituals and yajnas and learning of ancient texts and arts like the exorcism. That place and his bloodline carry a curse which he is soon going to discover. And on the other side, there is an extra smart and talented killer who wants to take the life of Vidyut. The story unfolds and it totally fascinated me because of the secrets, drama and historic events.

For a historical thriller, the language of this book was quite simple. So if you are a beginner and thinking about buying this book, just buy it. I completed this book in two days because of its gripping story. The book has the ability to keep readers hooked up till the end.

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4 Replies to “Book review of Harappa”

  1. History and favorite subject… Is it even possible ?
    BTW , you domain name is too good.. I wish I thought of it before you

    1. Yeah, some people love to learn about what happened in the past.
      And Thanks being a Potterhead this was the best domain name for me.

  2. I had my eye on this book for a while now but I sometimes don’t like the storyline where it’s old and new intermixed.. but after this review, i might actually start reading it

    1. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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