book review, the sorting hat
book review, the sorting hat, quinsilera


‘Quinsilera’ is a fantasy fiction novel in which there are ghosts, certain magic powers and fight. QUINSILERA means queen.

The story starts with Milisha and Radha. Radha the mother of Milisha and present quinsilera fights with ghosts and take away Milisha to protect her but after her death, Milisha has to return to the same town to live with her grandparents. There she falls in love with a boy named Mango but he also has a secret which reveals itself at the end of the story. In this novel, everything was happening so easily and it was very fast-paced novel. I enjoyed reading it till the fight of Radha with ghosts after it became more like a child’s story. Every chapter was broken and written badly. The story was good if written in a more clear and elaborate manner, it would have become a really good read. There were many plot errors and it was everything but a fantasy novel.

The narration was poor and the author needs to work on his storytelling skills. I will give this book 3 stars because of the story as the imagination was good.


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