Book review

Book Name – Work Workers and Workplaces
Author – Parthajeet Sarma
Publisher –
My rating – 3/5

First of all, I don’t like this book much because it was all about workers and business so I was kind of bored while reading it but it doesn’t mean that others won’t like it.I’m sure those who are looking for this kind of book will definitely love it. The cover page is designed in a way that it completely reflects the content of the book. It is relatable and up to the mark and suits the book. In this book, the author talks about the changing nature of the Work, Workers & Workplaces. He talks about the openness of workstations and they are changing according to time and needs. In this era of digitalization, workers are preferring to operate from anywhere like his/her home, a coffee shop etc.

Author has explained many things by giving examples which includes few studies which are performed on workers to determine what is good for work, workers, and workplaces because sometimes technology can also act as a roadblock if not used in a proper way on different people belonging to different occupations. Author has explained in detail how the nature of work and workers are changing as workers are developing new skills daily. How a healthy environment can promote creativity which increases productivity. A proper workplace with incentives can have a good effect on workers and improve their work.

It was a nice and light read though I skipped a few things. This book is strongly recommended for entrepreneurs and workers to be.

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