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book review, the sorting hat
The blue moon day

The blue moon day

Book’s name – The blue moon day: Five men’s magical discovery enroute life
Author’s name – Santhosh Sivaraj
Book’s length – 212pages
Publisher – Invincible publishers and marketeers
My rating – 3.5/5

Review –
The blue moon day is basically a collection of 5 different stories with different characters in different circumstances who were helped by a mysterious man in their journey of life. In each story, the protagonist was facing some serious issue and this mysterious man comes into their lives, help them and leave with a promise of meeting in the far future.

The stories were namely – The pizza engineer, The messenger, Not today, The Storyteller, The heaven.
The pizza engineer is about a highly qualified guy who is in search of a job which suits his qualifications and needs. He was searching for a job when he meets this stranger who reminds him of his true passion.
The messenger is about a hopeless guy who first chases a girl with all his might and when he gets her, he loses her because of his temper and lack of decision-making ability. This mystery guy comes into his life and helps him to get his love back. The narration of this particular story was very poor. The words were all over the place and not making any sense sometimes. I did not like this story.
Not today is about a guy who wants to plan everything even his lunch and dinner time so that he can focus more on his work. He is living a boring life working a tiring job and has no time for his family. When facing a life-threatening situation, he gets to know what he was missing in his life. This mystery guy saves his life.
The storyteller is about an old guy who badly wants to reconnect with his family as now he is all alone in this life but tries to end his life. He meets this mysterious guy who encourages him to talk to his family members which change his life truly.
The heaven is about a tennis player who suffers from the tumor. Although he meets this mystery guy he was not saved and he dies.

The book is a good read. However, I was confused by the cover of the book. After seeing the cover, I expected it to be a mystery novel but it turned out to be totally different. The narration was nice and the stories were interesting although the storytelling could have been better.

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