Book review of – Borderline

book review, the sorting hat


book review, the sorting hat


Borderline is kind of a self – help book and based on real-life incidents. It is the story of a girl named Amrita and her journey of being a borderline personality disorder patient. This book describes the struggle in her life, the pain she has to go through, heartbreaks, betrayal, numerous sufferings and death of loved ones.

Before reading this book I didn’t even know such kind of personality disorder exists. That’s why I researched lots of stuff about borderline personality disorder before reading the book. This story describes all of the life incidents of Amrita in details which are symptoms of the disorder and can be seen in many people.

About the book –

Amrita was a different kid since her childhood. She always desires attention and when she didn’t get it she tries to pull some stupid stunts so that everyone will pay attention to her. With her growing age, she became a kind of person who expects too much from a relationship and that’s why when her parents get the divorce she became very heartbroken. She felt cheated and betrayed. After some time her father sends her out of India to study and there also she fells in love with a guy and when the honeymoon period of her relationship ends the guy dumps her and couldn’t take it. At the same time, she loves her father And that became the trigger for her disease. She started begging for that guy to take her back in his life.

The story doesn’t end here. In fact, this is just a beginning of the story of a borderline personality disorder patient. After that what happens to her? What more challenges she has to face? What happens to her when she couldn’t take everyone’s hatred? Everything is described in the book in detail. This book has described each and every event of her life in detail which is enough to make you upset and it forces you to think about other patients who suffer the same disorder.

I have never read this kind of book before so it was a good change for me. I liked reading it.

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