Book review of – Chakravyuh

book review, AkS
book review, AkS


Book’s name: Chakravyuh (The Land Of Paraharias)

Author: Jitendra Attra

Genre: Suspense thriller

My rating – 2.5/5

The Chakravyuh is a suspense thriller story of a family who went on a family trip but ends up in a mysterious place and became the reason of the unfolding of mysterious but unfortunate events. The story seems interesting when you start reading the book but as the story continues it loses the interest – factor. The language was simple and the narration throughout the book was basic. The only reason why I completed the book was that I wanted to know what will happen in the end but I was disappointed in the end because the author left the book at a cliffhanger an I think the story will be completed in next novel.

The story starts when a family consisting of 7 members went on a trip but somehow by mistake they manage to invade the private properties of the paharian tribe who don’t appreciate foreign invasion in their lands. The family triggers open the maze of chakravyuh and they have only a few hours to solve the puzzle before the tribe decides to punish them. The rest of the story is all about how they manage to break the maze and why the maze was present there in the first place. What was the paharian tribe protecting? What will happen after chakravyuh will break?

I don’t like the front cover of the book as it does not give any hint about the book’s content and also it could have been better. Now I am eagerly waiting for the next book as I don’t like reading half stories. If you are looking for a light suspense thriller, you can try this book.

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