Book review of – You are forever in my heart

book review, the sorting hat

book review, the sorting hat


You are forever in my heart

This is the story of love and friendship. The friendship between Sanjeev and Ruchita and The love – story of Sanjeev and Suchi. This was a very beautiful read and I really enjoyed reading it.

The story starts with the heartbroken Sanjeev whose girlfriend Ashima has broken up with him. He finds solace when he meets the girl name Ruchita and they became best friends. Later Ruchita introduces him to a girl named Shuchi who was a fan of his book and they fell in love with each other. Then the story is a romantic journey of them. Read the book to experience this journey of love, emotions, friendship, betrayal, heartbreak and finding the soulmate.

The language of the book is simple and easy to read. This is a good book for the reader of every age even if you are starting to read or in need of light romance. I really loved the cover of the book. The title is appropriate for the book.

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