Book review of – For a girl in a star

book review, the sorting hat
book review, the sorting hat
For a girl in a star


For a girl in a star by Ratna Chandu.
First of all, I am confused as for why the author named the book “For a girl in a star” as it doesn’t fit with the theme of the story. The story basically revolves around two childhood friends Sahas and Avinash.

To be honest I didn’t like the book at all. The story was predictable and the plot was a total mess. The story starts in Banglore where Sahas has come to attend college and he shares Avinash’s flat who is his childhood friend. Avinash is in love with a girl Aarti and Sahas falls in love with the same girl. When Avinash comes to know about it he sacrifices his love for his friend and then the most predictable thing happens and I really got irritated.

The language of the book was simple nothing fancy. I would have completed it in few hours had it not been blank. I had to exchange the book. The title doesn’t give information about the book and the book’s cover is not at all attractive. I would never choose a book with this type of cover. I am very disappointed with this book.

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