Book review of – The good fight

    The good fight


Book’s name: The good fight
Author’s name: Danielle Steel
My rating – 4/5

This book is set in 1960’s of New York and the main protagonist of the story is Meredith McKenzie. She comes from a family of lawyers and shares their passion for law and justice. She spends some of her school years in Germany then she comes back home only to find that she no longer likes the city, its people, her old friends. She becomes mature for her age and she becomes more and more interested in politics, revolutions and bringing a change to the society. Her father hates her approach for a different life because he wanted his little girl to finish education then get married and have kids. The one person who supported her most and encouraged her dreams was her grandfather.

With the encouragement from her liberal grandfather, she becomes a lawyer and decides that she will only take cases of discrimination. Hence she joins a law firm which takes only pro bono cases and started to help people. This book is basically a kind of memior of a girl who wanted to bring change to the society and she never stopped working hard for her dream. I am very inspired by her character, her fierceness, her struggles, her determination and her hunger for success. This is a really good book for readers of every genre.

The cover page of the book is really beautiful with the picture of a girl in shades. The title “The good fight” also fits the novel perfectly as Meredith always wanted to fight a good fight. The narration of the author is quite good and the plot was beautiful. I would love to try other books by the author.

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