Book review of – Imperfect misfits

book review, the sorting hat
book review, the sorting hat
Imperfect misfits


Imperfect misfits is a kind of average time pass story. It is a story of two best friends Aakash and Tiasha. I somewhat liked and disliked the character of Tiasha at the same time. She is one hell of a confused bubbly girl who is really really different and difficult to handle. To be honest I don’t know any such girl that’s why I disliked her at some points. On the other hand, Aakash is an epitome of a true friend who supports his friend no matter what.

Aakash dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian and Tiasha a well – known chef. Both of them pursues their dreams but there comes a point in their life when they fall for each other and that messes up situations for both, but for Tiasha more. She is kind of a girl who doesn’t want to be Aakash’s girlfriend but at the same time doesn’t want anyone else to take that place. So the story continues and to find what lays ahead you must read the book.

Author has used very simple language in the book. She has also used Hindi words and sentences in the book which I think non – Hindi readers won’t like or even understand. So it’s a minus point. The cover page seems animated to me and I didn’t like it much. I read the book in one go at the weekend and it was a nice time pass.

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