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The indigo sun


The indigo sun is the debut novel of Rupa Bhullar and she has done a fantastic job. She has described some deep thoughts about life in the book which comes in our mind every now and then. Sometimes when we have everything and still we feel empty from inside and Somehow tried to fill that void. This is all described in the book in the form of a story of a girl named Maya who comes to India in search of life and happiness.

Does she get what she wanted? What is happiness actually? Why do we feel empty even though we have everything?
The answers to all these questions are in this book. One question leads to another and one journey’s end becomes starting of another journey until Maya finds what she actually wanted in life.

The plot of the story is set in the beautiful cities of Jaipur and Udaipur. The author has described each detail of the city in a very descriptive manner. I liked how she has described everything from Auto driver to a glass full of buttermilk and it was not a bit boring.

Coming to the cover, I will give this book’s cover 5 stars because it is re attractive and beautiful. One can buy this book by its cover. The language author used and the narration is good. This is not a one time read. This book requires a lot of patience and time to read and understand the meaning between its lines. If you are a beginner I will not suggest this book to you as might get bored but for others, it is a really good book.

I’m eagerly waiting to read some other works of the author.

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