Book review of Kalki by Kevin Missal

Book review, kalki, the sorting hat
Book review, kalki, the sorting hat


Ever happened that you are so engrossed in reading a book that you even carry it with you while going to the market because you don’t want those 15 minutes ride of a rickshaw wasted. This is that kind of the book which can keep a reader hooked up till the end without losing interest for a single minute.

About the book

Kalki is a fictional mythological tale of the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Kalki hari born as a son of a farmer grows to be a man with extraordinary powers which can not be explained. He is the savior if the mankind and enemy of the Adharm or evil. He has to endure a lot of pain and loss to become what he was really born for. He loses everyone dear to him and he chooses the path to become “DHARMA”. There are many characters in the story and I want to write about them without giving any spoilers so here you go.


Arjan brother of Kalki who would do anything for him, Bala a friend who loves him more than anything else, Kripa who will be the companion of Kalki on his path to becoming an Avatar, Kali whom I suppose will be our villain or you can say Adharm, Durukti who is sister of Kali who loves his brother so much that he could do anything for him. There are many other characters but the author has portrayed them so significantly that you won’t get confused, rather you will enjoy them.

Author has amazing storytelling skills and he has surely written a novel which deserves to be a best-seller. The narration is good, the plot is the one thing you won’t get bored of, but the thing which can make you buy this novel instantly is its cover. The book has a beautiful cover which perfectly suits the theme of the book.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the second part of the book. Needless to say, the author has increased my expectations for novels.


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