book review of – legends over generations

Legends over generations

Title- Legends Over Generations
Author- Ashraf Haggag
Genre- Non-Fiction
Publication date- 4 May 2018
Language- English
Pages- 228

It is always very fascinating to read about famous and prominent personalities who helped in making this world better place to live by inventing different theories, discoveries, and inventions. This book is a kind of non – fiction book where you can read and know about such personalities. The cover pic is really beautiful having pictures of legends who are known for their discoveries in the fields of human rights, art, politics, and science. Author Ashraf Haggag has presented us with information about many legends and so the title of the book is “LEGENDS OVER GENERATIONS”. The title says it all. The book is all about the legends from various fields who stood against every hurdle to accomplish their goal and so they not only created history but became history themselves.

The author explained about legends who fought for the freedom of people and brought independence, scientists who made life easier for people by their discoveries, revolutionaries in the field of politics and those who brought changes via their creativity. The book is a really an informative medium to know more about the leaders who led us to a more comfortable life by their inventions and innovative ideas.

The information which is provided in the book clearly shows the dedication of the author and the amount of research he has done to write this book. There were few typing errors which can be avoided during reading. I really liked the cover in black and white having the pictures of many legends and also the title “LEGENDS OVER GENERATIONS” suits the book perfectly. The blurb gives the idea of the book and what to expect. My overall ratings for this non – fiction read is 4/5.

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