Book review of – letters in the rain

book review, the sorting hat


book review, the sorting hat
Letters in the rain

Letters in the rain is a story of badly friend zoned guy Aman. The story has three main characters named Aman, Kiara, and Girish. Author has done a good job while writing these characters and has done justice to them. There are few things about the story which I liked but the book had nothing new to offer. it was just as same as any other Indian novel where characters go to college, the boy fell in love with the girl but the girl loves someone else. The story was quite predictable and I could easily guess where it was going after about 100 pages.



Aman, a nerd who always thinks about studies who didn’t have a single friend during school days had to leave his hometown for higher studies and makes a friend Kiara. they were classmates and started to spend a lot of time together. They cared about each other, liked each other’s company and went on trips. The nerdy and conservative nature of Aman turned into confident one. Everything was going just perfect and their friendship was as pure as possible when out of the blue Aman accuses Kiara of cheating on him because she was dating Girish. this is the one thing I seriously didn’t understand about the book. There were no romantic feelings between Aman and Kiara since the beginning they were just friends. Then how come Aman suddenly falls in love with Kiara as soon as he comes to know about her relationship. This was really stupid and the level of the story keeps on dropping after this. I was liking the story but suddenly story has become more and more predictable and fast-paced.


About the book

The book’s cover is in bold blue shades and I will give it 2.5 out of 5. It was not much attractive and could have been better. ‘Letters in the rain’ the title does not give any idea about the story. There are no letters in the book. There are many poems in the book which I didn’t like. It was as if they were stupid rantings of a schoolboy. Those poems were unnecessary. The narration is not so good and the language used is really simple. So, if you are looking for a light read with college romance and heartbreaks, this book is for you.

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