Book review of – Navarasa

the sorting hat, book review
the sorting hat, book review



Book’s name – Navarasa
Author’s name – Vinaya Patil
Publisher – Half baked beans publishing
Pages – 98
My rating – 5/5

The book “Navarasa” is a collection of nine short stories describing nine rasas or emotions. There are nine beautiful tales relating to each rasa. I was hooked to the book from the very beginning. The first story was about the Shringara rasa that describes love, devotion, and beauty. It was a short love story – My love for you!

Other stories were equally good. Take off, the funny story made me roll on the floor laughing. Girl in the back seat, the horror one gave me chills. The turn in the events in that story was so good that it left me shocked. Author has done a really great job in writing stories in less number of words. Each and every story was written beautifully and the narration was good. Author has good storytelling skills and the way she has written the stories I can tell her writing style is gripping.

The cover of the book is cute and funny and really different and I like it. The title NAVARASA is appropriate for the book. There are only 98 pages in the book so, the short length of the book enables you to read it in one go. This book is an amalgamation of different genre so I will recommend it to everyone.

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