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book the sorting hat
2 peg ke baad

2 Peg Ke Baad is a collection of short stories by Nikita Lalwani. 2 peg ke Baad means After 2 Shots so this book has different stories which happened after having 2 shots and were worth to be penned down in a book.

There are 14 short stories from various genres bringing humor, romance, love, sad, tragedy and many more flavors in the same book. All stories seem to happen in drunken state i.e. 2 Peg ke Baad. After consuming alcohol we didn’t control our actions rather alcohol controls our actions and blunder happens. Same goes for these stories in which some characters did stupid things after 2 shots and face problems after but that is also a memorable part. All the stories are beautifully written and writing about so many genres in a single book is a commendable job itself. Each story has different emotion, different flavor and different perspective. Some stories made me laugh and after reading some stories I shed few tears.

‘A walk with the call girl’ and ‘Rosita in the bar’ and ‘Papier Blanc (The blank paper) are some of my personal favorites. ‘Kicking the butt’ is a story which describes child abuse which is said to be very common these days. These stories are must read.

The book title is appropriate with the content as it suits with the theme ‘After 2 shots’. Book Cover is beautiful with a glass of red wine and black background. Blurb can attract many readers.

The language used in the book is simple yet elegant. The best part was you didn’t have to keep reading to know what will happen next, perks of reading short stories. The narration was good and anyone can read this book easily with full interest.

If you’re looking for something different to read, 2 Peg Ke Baad is for you and yes this book doesn’t promote Alcohol so don’t try 2 shots just to read this book.

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