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37+ grace marks


37+ Grace Marks

37+ Grace Marks by Vishal Anand is another teenage romantic fiction. It is a light read and can attract young readers who love reading college romance. Well, this is not practically a romance novel as the female protagonist Nimisha keep rejecting the proposal of Viraj and she is also not an important character of the story. This novel revolves around the college life of Viraj and his friends.

Viraj is just an another engineering student who is not so good in studies. He is just passing time in college when this girl Nimisha enters the story and Viraj falls in love with him. They became good friends but when he expressed his love for her she rejects him, not once but twice. Suddenly she disappears from the story and Viraj gets involved with other things like his projects, friends, and fests. Now to make readers remember Nimisha’s character her name is mentioned here and there. At the end of the story, she met with an accident and Viraj saved her and after some time she asks him to meet her. Picture end, the end. This book has nothing more to offer.

The language was simple but the narration was quite boring in some chapters. It was as if the author was trying to stretch the story. But in some places, the story was rushed. The story could have been written in a better way. The title of the story is well chosen according to the story and the cover having a picture of three guys and a girl reading books also matches the theme of the novel.

This book is a one time read and suitable for those who are looking for a light college life story.

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