Book review of – 4 AM Conversations

poetry book, the sorting hat


poetry book, the sorting hat
4 AM conversations

4 AM Conversations with the ghosts of old lovers is a collection of poems and mini-tales by Ayushee Ghoshal. The book is divided into nine sections. Each section holds different theme and different emotions. The theme is so appealing that you will have an urge to next part as soon as possible. Every poem is knitted in a beautiful language and with beautiful emotions. After reading few poems I was sure that these poems are worth reading. The short quotes used between poems are so beautiful and meaningful that I read them several times just to make sure I am savoring each and every word of them.

“You and I
Again and again
Always almost
Never enough”

“I taste eternity and I dwindle between dreams and reality.”

My favorite part of the book was PART VI – 4 AM CONVERSATIONS WITH THE GHOSTS OF OLD LOVERS and I love many poems like INSOMNIA, NEVER GONE, SURVIVAL, but the best was THREE JANUARY LETTERS.
This book was a good time – pass for me and it never allowed me to get bored. Each and every poem holds a deep meaning like a broken soul wants everyone to read her story. The narration is perfect with excellent use of words and everyone will be able to read this beautiful poetry book in one go over a cup of coffee. The cover is also really eye – catching with a beer glass and a clock hanging over a cigarette with a black background. 4 AM Conversations, the title also suits the theme of the book because most of the poetic phrases are formed during this time. This is the time for poets to create magic. So I will give this book a whole 5 stars.

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