Book review of – An Ode to Shimla

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
An ode to shimla

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An Ode to Shimla by Sanjeev Bansal is a poetry collection of 54 beautiful poems. These poems are dedicated to the city of Shimla which itself is an epitome of beauty and peace. In these poems, the poet has described the feeling of romance with nature and its components like flowers, lakes, and even trees and plants. The composition of poems is so beautiful that it will make your heart wander in the valleys of Shimla. It’s first poem ‘Night of sleeping beauty’ is a really mesmerizing poem which makes you read further. When I read this poem I feel attracted towards this book. I further read some poems and felt that this book is something which can make anyone a poetry lover. The imagination, the comparison, and the dedication poet have given to this book is commendable. The language of the poems is easy and really intriguing but I don’t find its cover much appealing. The cover should be better to attract more readers but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. The content of the book is really good. This book is indeed a good collection of beautiful poems and if you are looking for a poetry book then give it a try.


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