Book review of – Blemishing the odds

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
Blemishing the odds

The one thing I loved the most about this story was that it took my back to my schooldays. It was really difficult for me to control my tears after reading some incidents as they made realize how much I miss my school. Plus point to the book.

Now coming to the story, the plot is centered around the protagonist, Raghav. He is a teenager and a highly spoilt brat. He was a kind of backbencher who never studies and are always in trouble because of their poor grades. But his life changes when a new girl enters his class, Trisha, a beautiful, intelligent chick who becomes the diva of the school instantly. Destiny plays its roles and both of them become friends but later they realize they have already fallen in love. But this lovey-dovey phase doesn’t last long and a disaster happens in his life which turns his life upside down but that disaster also changes his attitude towards life.

Many of you will relate yourself to the story as most of the incidents may have happened in your life in your high school and you will shed some tears while reading those incidents.

The language of the book is easy but has some typos. Some words were misprinted. But the narration is good and commendable. I don’t find the cover of the book very appealing but the story is really good so it is okay to read a book with attractive text rather than a book with beautiful cover and poor story.

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