Book review of – Bouquet – of emotions. feelings & thoughts

poetry book, the sorting hat
poetry book, the sorting hat
Poetry book

‘Bouquet of Emotions, Feelings, and Thoughts’ is a debut poetry book of the author.
Bouquet is a poetry book dedicated to poet’s beloved mother. She died due to cancer. The author decided to pen down his love for his mother in the form of a book. There are poems dedicated to his mother along with few other poems based on different genres.

This book is divided into seven sections and each section consists of some beautiful poems on different topics like love, patriotism, and even good items like chocolates and candies.
Poet has beautifully done justice with every poem and tried to write every verse in the best possible way but still, I find some mistakes in few poems. Author has chosen appropriate titles for his poem but he shouldn’t have used extra dots with every title.

The front cover is quite ordinary and I don’t like it much. It doesn’t impress that much and the author needs to change it in the second edition. As many readers first judge the book by its cover. The title is good and suits the theme of the book.

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