Book review of – Colorful Notions The roadtrippers 1.0

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
Colourful notions
Colorful Notions, one of the best book I read till date. The concept of the book is really innovative and unique. I didn’t expect this book to be this much amazing. The author has done a fantastic job while writing this book.
The book is about three friends Abhay, Unnati, and Shashank. Abhay the main protagonist of the novel, Sashank his best friend (a big foody) and Unnati Sashank’s girlfriend. Unnati has a beautiful voice and is madly in love with Shashank. So these three guys pack their bags and went on a road trip to have some adventures and Abhay also decided to make a movie out of their trip while Shashank’s main motive was to taste different cuisines. They went to different places and (25 in total) and experienced whole life in these 3 months. They get looted, they had a near death experience and they even fight but in the end, when they completed this journey they come out as a different person. This novel didn’t let me leave it for a second.
The writing style of the author is simple, easy to understand making you read it in one go. Cover, language, and narration are just perfect. This book is not all about traveling but also about friendship and trust.
I highly recommend this book to every person, especially to those who love to travel. This book will surely convince you to give up everything and go to an adventure trip with friends.

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