Book review of – Come back to leave me again

the sorting hat, book review
the sorting hat, book review
Come back to leave me again

“Come Back To Leave Me Again” The book starts with the author where he was sitting in a cafe working on his laptop on Valentine’s day when a tom boyish girl Prerna comes to sit on his seat. When she comes to know he is an author she demands an author signed a copy and author gifted her his book and she starts to read it.

It is a story of young couple Siddhant and Hritisha and love, friendship and departure. Siddhant fells in love with Hritisha over a phone call and tried hard to get her. As the time passes they became friends and one day when he was drunk, Siddhant proposed Hritisha. They became a happy couple but one-day whole world of Siddhant falls apart when Hritisha tells him she won’t marry him. He loses everything after that, even his job. So decided to come to India to find his love and win her back but what happens after that is a secret. Find yourself what happens after that by reading the book.

This was another romance teen fiction. I love reading romantic genre but nowadays I can’t find anything new in these books. The language used was basic, there were many mistakes in the book and moreover, there were long chats like text messages in the book which were a little boring. Anyways it was a light read and I finished it in one go.

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