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book, the sorting hat


book, the sorting hat
con kabir

Con Kabir by Anonymous is a crime thriller novel. Author has not mentioned his name and identity in the book. This story is about two childhood friends Kabir and Ali and their fight against corruption. This book is interesting enough to hook – up readers.

A conman has made the lives of every rich person difficult as he is targeting them and before they could sense his intentions he does his job and no one was able to catch him. Kabir & Ali two friends from childhood took the mission as to save the society from evil and make it a corruption free peaceful society to live in. The whole story revolves around those two boys until something terrible happens to one the family of Ali and he changes his mind. The secret is revealed at the end of the story which also reveals the main story behind all the robberies.

Author has done a lot of research to write this book which can be seen in the story. He has knitted characters well according to the need of the story. The story is also well portrayed and it could have been better if Author had narrated it in more interesting way. The start is able to keep a reader hooked till the end but it lacks formation at some places.

Te cover is all in shades of black and white and a man standing perfectly describing the story inside the book. The title itself tell us what can we expect behind these pages – many robberies.

This book is a good one time read.

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