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Dying to Live

This novel has a number of illustrations, quotations and teachings and a poem in the end. Author has again tried to attract the teenager girls as an audience. She has again explained the problems faced by teenage girls in this novel just like the first part ‘Sick of being healthy’.

The story revolves around megha and describes her life experiences. A jolly, all-rounder, intelligent, sporty and confident girl who was a star student in her class has to deal with problems back to back and it affects her academics as well as her performance in water, did I tell you that she is a state level champion in swimming. She breaks apart and tried to end her life but fails. Now after that, she was sent to her grandmother who volunteers to change and shape Megha’s character and make her that confident sportsperson again. After this episode novel becomes slightly boring. The old charm of the novel gets lost after this episode and in my opinion, this novel fails to reach the expectations of readers which we form after reading it’s first part.

The novel is written in an easy and understandable manner. The narration is interesting and the illustrations in the book make it easy to read in one go. The cover of the book is really catchy with a picture of a girl diving into the swimming pool. The book was interesting and boring too. So from my side, this book is a good 2.5 stars.

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