Book review of – Finding Juliet

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book, the sorting hat
finding juliet

finding Juliet is a novel penned down by Taufeeq Ahmed. The theme of the book is romance and erotica. This book is more a teenage romance where the guy Arjun falls in love three times. You read it right, he falls in love three times but every time he fails due to different reasons. He was always searching for true love in his life but he ignored the fact that love was already with him. There comes a twist in the story when Krish enters his life. He turns his life from a bicycle ride to the rollercoaster ride and after that what happens is a turning point in Arjun’s life. At last, he finds his Juliet after a long journey which was quite predictable as it happens in most romance novels. The title Finding Juliet is appropriate with the content of the book as after constantly searching for true love he finally realizes that it was already in his life. The language of the book was simple. The cover of the book is very colorful, bright and eye-catching just like candies so just by seeing the cover you’ll want to read the inside content.

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  1. I find the review short and simple.

    1. You need a detailed review? I think that was all I can say about the book.

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