Book review of – fragile strings

the sorting hat, book review
the sorting hat, book review
Fragile strings



” When people ask
What is love
She expresses it
With a deep sigh,
That could make
Them dejected
For a while”

Fragile strings is a collection of short poems and verses. This book was a constant on and off for me. Some verses were really beautiful and I got lost in them while some were quite basic. The cover of the book has orange and yellow hues with a picture of a girl in a white dress which attracted me most. The cover is according to the theme of the book.

Poet has described love, heartbreak, and healing in her poems. She has tried to describe those feelings which we feel when in love when that loved one hurts us and leave us alone, and then how we try to pull ourselves again and again. Some of her poems have a deep meaning which explains everything she wanted her readers to experience i.e. the essence of love via poetry. Poet has used simple yet elegant language which made poetry more beautiful and easy to understand.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if you have interest in reading books with short verses and poetry, this book is for you.

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