Book review of – Icebergs in paradise

the sorting hat, book review


the sorting hat, book review
Icebergs in paradise

“Icebergs in Paradise” by Sayan Basak is a collection of poems, “And I miss you… Written in red, anguish, secrets” being one of my favorites. Poet has used tough vocabulary to bring out the real essence of poems which makes them difficult to read and understand. Poet has beautifully played with words to make this poetry book a real beauty.

Just read few lines yourself _ “I play with words I’ve felt and heard and contemplate things most absurd behind my eyes inside my mind pain and darkness you will find.”

Some more lines from one of my favorite poems
“Liquid moonbeams dream silvery quietude over the depths of our indigo lake, while falling instants fade in time’s alabaster maze, like soft, opalescent ghosts get lost in whispering haze, and love’s artistically curved, throbbing shades, engulf our shapes …”

Being a poet myself I know how difficult it is to write poems and explain it in limited words and the post has successfully completed the task. After reading the first poem only I was sure this book was going to be a treat for me. The poet has penned down every aspect in a beautiful manner.

The title was really catchy and shows the creativeness of the poet. But I think the cover could have been better. The poems were really good and I enjoyed reading them. If you don’t read each and every line properly you won’t be able to grasp the meaning of the poems.

So, I would like to suggest this book to every poetry lover

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