Book review of – If you never try you will never know

If you never try you will never know

‘If you never try you will never know’ by Sahil Mehta is a tale of love and motivation with some ambitions. It is a story of fulfilling dreams and the struggles faced in order to achieve the goal. This was the debut novel of the author and it looked like same. The starting of the story was kind of a fairy tale having a legend of lullaby and dwarfs which gave it a childish touch.

The name of the protagonist is Robin and the whole story revolves around him and his dreams. He always wanted to be a musician and never wanted to join his father’s business but his father never approved. After his elder brother’s and mother’s death, there was no one who could support his dream. After many struggles, he finally managed to pursue his dreams and left for Vihan city. There he meets Jordan. Jordan is also a very important character of the story. He also meets the love of his life there, Aisha. After few chapters story became boring. It seems that author has tried to increase the length of the novel by adding unnecessary elements. After that story gained its pace and there comes a scene where Robin had to make a decision where he has to choose between his love and his career. He chooses latter and loses Aisha but that doesn’t demoralize him. So this was the basic plot of the story – “A chase of an ordinary guy for his not so ordinary dreams.”

The story was written in the simple language which was comfortable. This novel is ideal for those who are looking for a light read. There were some grammatical mistakes which disturbed the pace of reading and some extra dragged incidents which were not necessary. Also, I think that the starting of the book was not ideal. Hoping to read something better from the author next time.


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