Book review of – It started with a friend request

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
It started with a friend request
Sudeep Nagarkar is one of my favorite Indian authors who writes romantic novels in a very interesting way. It started with a friend request was the first book I’ve read by this author and after that, he became my favorite.
The story is wonderful. It is a sweet romance story which will make you imagine the protagonist after every sentence. There’s a mention of the messages that the protagonists send to each other, they are more than half-page long which makes it a mini love-letter and that makes me upset because my boyfriend never did that for me. Hahaha!! But they were extremely cute.
The surprise that Akash gives to Aleesha in the theater is something that’s very fresh and new. I have never read it before. That’s the first thing that I liked in the book and I will always remember that proposal scene. Yes, it is that special. There are more cute surprises and so many love scenes that you’ll find yourself in that romantic world.
Tamanna’s first note for Deep in her The surprise and the twist that the story takes in the last part of the book is what made me feel that the book is a must read and an assured recommendation to all the love story lovers. The components such as of friendship, love, simplicity, love-making sequences, romance, sex, hanging-outs, trips, picnics, outings etc are satisfying in the book. Every ingredient for a good romance novel is present in this book.
Overall it is a must read. Are you still reading reviews? Go grab it and you’ll not regret buying it.

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