Book review of – It’s still complicated

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
It’s still complicated
The debut novel of Chandra Kant Jaisansaria which according to him is his real life story. All love stories don’t meet beautiful ends. Some of them get shattered by cruel fate. This story is about the true pain of losing a loved one which is never going to come back in life. No, she is not dead but she just doesn’t trust in these relationships.
Storyline – A young lad falls in love with a beautiful girl Megha and good thing happens when she also responds with equal love and passion. Megha belonging to an orthodox family first rejects his proposal but couldn’t stop herself from falling in love with him. Eventually, they come in a relationship and share a beautiful bond which every couple shares. They did every small and big thing during their relationship of five years which a couple in love does. Everything was just going just perfect when misunderstandings occur between Megha and CK and the bond of the relationship began to broke apart. Many times they get help from someone but in the end, Megha couldn’t tolerate anymore and leave him forever.
This is a not so successful love story but beautiful in itself. It is not the type of very cheesy steamy novel but the elegance of this novel is commendable. Honestly, I don’t like sad endings but what to do? Every time things don’t happen in a way we want them to happen.
The language of this book is so simple and comfortable, which enables to read without a break. I’m not a grammar Nazi who reads books just to find mistakes so I can’t point out any mistake in this book. I read books for their content and this book gave me a good content to read.
The cover of this book holds a story in itself. The half keychain on the front cover is the piece of the same keychain which Megha has given to him. Very few authors have guts to reveal their true story and he has presented his story in front of us. Author has done a good job in framing this book and I’m glad that I read it.

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