Book review of – Karma

book, thesortinghat
book, thesortinghat

This is world’s first insta read. Karma by Kevin missal is a paranormal psychological thriller. The book is a good light read if you are not afraid of ghosts. You can read it anyway because it’s not that spooky but yes some scenes are really creepy.

The story begins with three men who are trying to hide a woman’s dead body whom they have murdered after raping her. The girl who died was Urvi and after eight years of her murder she comes back from the bed of death and shocks her husband Karman by her sudden appearance. He couldn’t believe that her dead wife is returned and that too after becoming a stupid monster. She even scares her husband by her devilish acts. What she did after that I’m not gonna tell you. My assumption about the story’s ending proved wrong because the ending was totally unexpected.

The cover and title of the book, both are really appealing and describes the genre. It’s a short novella and I completed it in just 30 minutes so you don’t even have to sit for hours to decipher the ending.

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