Book review of – Khan vs Kahn vs Kanh

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
Khan vs Kahn vs Kanh


Honestly, when I received this book I fall for its thickness and intriguing title. Its title is really unique and eye – catching.

The author has described the essence of Bollywood movie industry in this book. How Bollywood worked before and now and what changes Bollywood industry has gone through.

This book is about three leading actors of Bollywood or three Khans, Akbar, Amit, and Cris, but spelled their names Khan, Kahn, and Kanh. They are superstars of the industry and each one is better than the other. They were envy of each other and happen to be in the same party organized by Baba Ram Karim. Then the story follows which is full of suspense and drama which will keep you turning pages.

Author has beautifully explained that everyone has problems in his life and these actors are not as perfect as we think that are. They are just like us and stardom don’t make them any different from us. Being in constant competition with other two leading actors make them envious of each other and ego enters their mind. The events described in this book are fictitious but we can somewhat relate to them after reading such news. Conflicts between actors and actresses are something which we can daily see in t.v. and newspaper and this is described in this book in a very interesting way.

Language and narration are really good and easy to understand. So it will be a good read for everyone.

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