Book review of – Love forever @ Rajpath

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
Love forever @ Rajpath
Honestly, I loved this book. This is the debut book of Kalpana Mishra and she has presented the story in a decent way.
This is a  simple story of a practical girl Shalini and a Bihari boy Karthik.
There is something special with the name Karthik as whenever I see this name story itself become beautiful for me. Let’s come to the story.
Shalini is a Delhi girl with lots of confidence and does have a transparent relationship with her parents. She comes out as a girl whom one could be comfortable with and fall in love with. Her character portrays honesty, determination, and bravery. She is kind of a girl who is capable to take a stand against wrong. While Karthik belongs to an orthodox family and does not share very friendly bond with its members
Shalini is a kind of girl who can do anything for her man and would go to any extent to save her relationship while Karthik is always about how his family will react when they come to know about their relationship. He was always more concerned towards his family rather than his girlfriend and was ready to leave her if his family doesn’t approve of their marriage. He lacks heroic characters while Shalini is more transparent in the relationship. There is also a new concept of Jabariya Shadi  (Forceful Marriage) which seems to be common in Bihar. Shalini saves Karthik from such marriage and decides to punish the culprit but this decision of her costs her relationship. Karthik seems to be a negative effect on Shalini’s life sometimes but She handles everything with smartness.
This is a decent story with lack of romance scenes but you will definitely love it. The language of the book is simple and sweet which makes readers read it fluently. The title of the book “Love forever @ Rajpath” seems to be appropriate as they used to meet at Rajpath.
Cover of the book also interest readers and is very beautiful.
Go buy this book and you will not regret.

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  1. Seems to be a simple read.

    1. Yes it is a simple story 🙂

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