Book review of – Love will find a way


Love will find a way

Love will find a way is a beautiful romantic novel with some dark and suspenseful past of the main protagonist Madhav. This is what which makes this book different from the others. I really loved this book because this is something different from the last novels which I received for review.

This book is not an ordinary romance novel but it has other elements too i.e. suspense, drama, haunting past and secrets. This is a story of Radhika and Madhav. Madhav met Radhika in a healing session. Radhika is a psychiatrist who seems extremely interested in Madhav’s case which is different from all the other cases she has handled till date. While trying to figure out the problem of Madhav, Radhika loses her own heart and falls in love with him. Now she became even more concerned for him and decided firmly that she will treat Madhav completely no matter what cost she has to pay for it.

What was that thing who was troubling Madhav? Who was dead yet has a control over his life? Will Radhika’s love be able to save Madhav’s life? Find these answers in this novel only.

The narration was in the third person and was really good. The language used is perfect and the book is presented in a very interesting manner. The book is a one shot read because of the way it is written and the reader can’t get bored while reading it. The title of the book perfectly suits the theme of the book as in the end the love of Madhav and Radhika finds its own way.

The book’s cover is one other thing which I liked most. It is a kind of cover which can attract anyone. I would buy this book for its cover. I hope to read more works by the author in the future.

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