Book review of – Of course I love you till I find someone better

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
Of course I love you


A book filled with relationships, kisses, sex, love, lust, infatuation, break-ups, switchovers and same all over, again.

Debasish Roy, a Bengali lad gets into Delhi Engineering College, into Mechanical Branch. Since he is just not interested in his studies, and always craving to get recognized among the lot, due to his hefty and ugly personality, he loses out in his exams as well as placements. He gets into relationships or the so-called Love, with many girls, but dumps them or gets dumped equally fast, as soon as he satisfies his sexual pleasures with them. His friends Shrey, Vernita, Yoginder etc are no less. Finally, he comes across the most beautiful, sexy Avantika, who just gets rehabilitated from drug abuse through a spiritual Guru. It starts with infatuation but matures to true and passionate love, fuelled with wild sex and kissing. Avantika one day suddenly feels that Deb is stuck with her bad luck, just like all her other ex-boyfriends, and breaks her relationship, by taking up a job and walks out of Deb’s life. The dilapidated Deb joins a Government organization through his dad, where he meets Amit, whom he helps to get his love of his life. Amit gets to know about Deb’s failed love story through his blog and contacts Avantika to know the real story. He narrates the position of Deb and how much how much he still longs for her. Avantika realizes her mistake and reunites with Deb through a surprise visit to his home with the published book of his story captured from his blog and also remuneration cheque from the publisher. Both live happily ever after.
A good book to read.

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