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book, the sorting hat


book, the sorting hat
on the moon between the stars

On The Moon Between The Stars

It is the debut novel of the author Manvendra Kumar. It is a romantic fiction in which the girl keeps on rejecting boy’s proposal again and again but in the end, she suddenly falls in love with the guy after reading a simple journal. Quite predictable ending! The last twist was only there to make the ending happy just like in most of the Indian fiction.

The male protagonist who has recently been appointed in a company in Noida had a fateful encounter with this girl Gauri Trivedi on the very first day of the office. He falls in love with her at the very first sight and started planning to get her. Stealing his colleague’s bike to date with his girl by cheating, he did everything to make her fall in love with him. He wasted his whole time and money to make her happy but he couldn’t make her fall in love with him. She rejected him every time he proposed. When she informed him about leaving her present job as she has accepted a high paying job near her hometown he is completely broken. But in the end, everything is miraculously set happy and they lived happily ever after!

The book has humor which was interesting but the author has used so many abusive (Hindi) words in the novel which is a big ‘No’ from my side. I don’t like reading the abusive language in novels be it a best seller or a debut novel. The pick – up lines used in the novel are entertaining but the novel doesn’t have much to provide readers. The story was quite predictable including the ending. The cover of the book is also not very much attractive, it could have been better but it’s nice. I hope to read something good from the author in future.

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