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book, the sorting hat
once upon a genie

Once upon a genie by Durriya kapasi is the debut novel of the author. I was so excited to read this book since its cover got launched because of two reasons. First I love genies and their magical powers and second I liked the book’s cover and blurb as well. I really enjoyed reading this book and now I’m waiting for its second part. It is a kind of book full of magic, love, and pain.

After the death of her grandmother Daisy opens her cupboard as per her wish and a genie enters her life who is hotter than any guy she has ever come across. He grants her 3 wishes as she had freed her from that bottle. The dominance of Khalil Bin muwahhid, our hot genie, the flirty nature and the intoxicating personality, everything about that handsome genie attracted her towards him and she started falling for him no matter how much she tried to control her emotions. In the context, Daisy asks for her first wish by mistake and that took her to the world of genies. She tries to push away from him from her mind but the more she tries the more he dwells in her heart. She wanted to be with him forever in spite of the fact that a genie and a human can never be together. When her second wish is also granted and the last one remaining, her best friend Darren end up in a hospital and struggles for his life. It puts Daisy in a state of dilemma whether to choose her best friend or her love, as genie would have to leave after all the three wishes of her are granted.

The plot is unique and is surely capable of attracting the audience.
The author has done a commendable job at the storytelling as it provides everything which can do justice with the story. This story is a kind of romance novel which is gonna leave you blushing for sure.

I loved the way how the author has portrayed the characters. Editing job has perfectly done so I didn’t find any mistake in the book.

I really loved the cover of this book which is yellow in color with a picture of a genie. The title ‘Once upon a genie’ is simple but catchy title as the one who loves this magical fantasy world, might find this book interesting. Coming to the blurb, this was the first book I ever read which provides you a detailed description so that you can easily decide if you want this book or not.

For me it’s a must read book and I’m eagerly waiting for its next part.

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