Book review of – Polite Pickup lines in Indian Pubs

book, the sorting hat


book, the sorting hat

Polite Pickup Lines In The Indian Pubs’ by Varun Mannava is a non-fiction book that showcases several tips on how to initiate a conversation or make new friends in Indian pubs or at least that’s what the blurb says. In my opinion, this book is all about how to get hooked to a hot girl in the pub, or at least take a selfie with her. “You might not get the girl but at least you will have a selfie with her”

In this book, there are 51 tips penned down by the author to do or what not to do in the pubs. As the author says this book is for ‘those guys’ who are ‘not’ very smart or good looking or studs. As girls approach only handsome and studs so these not so good looking guys are left alone. According to the author you get ready in an expensive suit, smell good, look good, take selfies with a random (totally stranger) girl, dance well and damn you will get a girl, sorry a ‘friend’.

There is tip telling of approaching a girl and complimenting her and before she could think or react, immediately take a picture with her. Like seriously? How can you break someone’s privacy without even her/his permission?

The title was appropriate for the book and so the cover. The blurb of the book was really long and boring. This is a short novella with simple knowledge so you can easily read it within an hour or two.

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