Book review of River rule

the sorting hat, book
the sorting hat, book
River rule



River rule – The name of the book doesn’t give any information about the book but it is unique in itself. However, titles are meant to be according to the theme of the book but even if this title is not in accordance with the book, it looks interesting.

This book is a fantasy thriller filled with suspense and twists. The main characters are Avi and Una who belongs to totally different cultures yet they became friends. The book is interesting from the start where Una discovers that the car – accident that gave her chills was just a nightmare. Then she went to her grandfather’s home where on the way she findsĀ about some robbers. Author has described Una’s character as a very brave girl which I really liked. The others characters could have been described in a more detailed manner so that readers can relate to them more efficiently.

Author has used good vocabulary in the novel and the narration is really good. The cover of the book is quite plain and it could have been better, but sober is nice. I liked the uniqueness of the title of the book. This is an interesting read for thriller lovers out there.

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