Book review of – Rubaroo

Book review of Rubaroo

The title of the Book: RUBAROO
This book has 73 poems in total which are totally relatable. Some of my favorites are – हस्ती, ज़िन्दगी, बिखरे रिश्ते, नर ना मैं नारी, मां के ख़त, दूरियां, बिटियां, मेरी दीवाली, etc. Some of the poems of this are really sweet and thoughtful. They can make you think about things which you would have never thought about and that is the true essence of poetry. This was my first Hindi poetry book which I received to review and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

If you are looking for a sweet and simple yet elegant collection of poetry, this is where you need to stop. Each and every poem has its own essence and message. Some poems are so beautiful that you could read them again and again. This book is perfect for those who love simple poetry. A mug of coffee and this book is a perfect match in the season. Author has written every poem with a deep meaning hidden behind every poem. It describes things which we don’t notice in our daily life or something which we have left behind. Hindi poems carry something beautiful in their lines which can be felt only by reading and I felt it while reading Rubaroo.

The language was poetic and simple which has its own advantage. You can read it easily and even if you are reading poetry for the first time you will understand it. The cover of the book could have been better. The title is appropriate for the book. Give this book a try and you will not regret it.

Rating – 4


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