Book review of – Saturated agitation


Saturated agitation

I don’t know much about this word feminism but I’m sure it is not killing men jokes apart I really enjoyed reading this novella. I enjoyed it more because I finished it in just 45 minutes and it captured my heart in such a short span of time. This is about what happens when the weaker sex can no longer control her emotions and bursts out.

Ekta James Kapoor, the protagonist of our story, is a young, dynamic and rich businesswoman. She is a young, beautiful and elegant business woman. After losing her family at the age of 5 she became the only heir of the j K industries at the age of 21 and with her wisdom and hard work she became the 5th richest person in the whole world. She has no one in her life who she can refer to as family but there was this girl Amisha Jha who was her personal secretary who was really close to her. They were like sisters and Ekta cared for her.

The whole country was in shock by the sudden disappearance of many men when a disaster came in both Ekta’s and Amisha’s life which left Amisha devastated. Her aunty whom she loved like her own mother got raped and killed by a servant. This incident left a deep impact on Amisha so to help Amisha in this situation Ekta offered her to live with her in her mansion. Later they adopted two orphan baby girls and their family was completed having Amisha’s mother with them. Everything was going smoothly when Amisha finds something fishy about the activities of Ekta. When the reason behind those activities opens upon Amisha she was taken aback. She would have never imagined this side of Ekta.

This novella has a very deep meaning in its pages and it was wonderful feeling reading it. I enjoyed a lot. The language was kept simple and easy and the narration was also good. The last twist was amazing but I was secretly thinking about that for the whole time so it was quite predictable for me.

I think the cover of the book could have been better. It was not good and if I were to judge this book by its cover I would have never read it. This book needs a really amazing cover which can go with the theme of the novel. Hoping to read more from the author.

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