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book, the sorting hat
sick of being healthy


Sick of being healthy

It is a teen fiction written by Monisha Gumber. Its plot has been wisely chosen by keeping girls in mind. This book is a must-read for every girl as it gives so much advice and inspirations in a witty manner. This book talks about the problem every girl faces in her teen years I.e. being chubby and healthy.

The story is about a chubby and bubbly girl Tara Kapoor who doesn’t have that perfect body to lure her dream guy who is a kind of stud and a way too much old for her. As in most stories for that guy tara doesn’t even exist. Her little heart breaks into millions of pieces when that guy starts dating her best friend who is just opposite of her. Her best friend is a perfect figured doll faced chick. After that incident, she tried internet dating but it also turns out to be a really bad experience for her. In the meantime, there is announced that her school would be organizing a function in which they have to wear formals and the special guest if that function would be her ex-crush. She decides to get in shape by dieting and look gorgeous in the function.
Will she get succeeded in her mission to get slim and fit? Will her crush respond to her feelings? Will she be able to love her chubby body?

Different but amazing plot with excellent narration. The small and big pictures in between text make the book more attractive. The title might confuse you but it suits the theme of the book. Language is easy and simple but intriguing which can keep readers hooked up. This book indeed deserves to be on the shelf of every girl. If you are thinking of gifting something to your sister, friend or daughter, I highly recommend this book.

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