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book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
Someone like you
This book is my favorite. I fell in love with it, the second I started reading it.
The characters were creatively shaped with each other’s life. Yes, it was just an another love story, but this story has a lot to say. It’s different how I kept on thinking about those characters whole day since I have finished reading it or rather I should say that I still think about it. I don’t know why but I want to read this book again and again.
Friendship, Love, hatred, lust and what not. One should definitely pick this read for the best weekend experience.
This novel mostly revolves around the lives of five people, involving love, friendship, misunderstandings, and betrayal. The main character, Niharika Singh, is the girl next door. Most female readers may find many resemblances with the character of Niharika. She considers herself ugly and feels lost in a crowd just like me. She prefers to stay indoors and was not a party animal type girl. Soon Simran, her sister, gives Niharika a makeover, which changes everything. “Someone Like You” elegantly portrays the transformation seen in Niharika when she realizes that even she is beautiful. She sets off on a new journey when she joined a college. Niharika makes new friends, Tanmay, Akshat, and Karthik, in the new city. Tanmay goes on to become her best friend.  Niharika has feelings for Karthik, whose nature remains a mystery to her, which is resolved later when she finds out that he fakes his actions to cover up his past. Karthik was a kind of guy with whom any girl can fall in love with. Someone Like You further introduces Niharika’s roommate, Pia, who’s also a good friend and is in a long-term relationship. But Tanmay begins to like her and Pia reciprocates but after something horrible happens. Karthik begins to like Niharika but she was not sure of her feelings. She was confused between Karthik and Akshat.
Afterward, something happens in their life which left them dumbstruck and totally shattered. I must suggest this book to every everyone. The story is really sweet, interesting and elegant. The writing style is intriguing and effective which can leave a deep impression on writer’s heart.
A must read.

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