Book review of – Spoilt for choice


Spoilt for choice

Book’s description –
200 Riders participate in motorcycle racing every season and from 15 finalists only one becomes the champion. What kind of people are these who race without seeking any fame just to fulfill their passion? The not normal person for sure. Every rider has their own story and some become love stories. This story is about a small town boy, Samarth, who fell in love with a girl named Sanchi. He was passionate about sports, she wasn’t. She wanted love from him, he was spoilt for choice. Long distance relationship needs trust and understanding but he needed some time to understand these things. He chose his passion and she also made her choice. Can a person do whatever he/she is passionate about? Can a person move on from relationships to follow his/her dream?


It is said that never judge a book by its cover but what if the cover is so beautiful and is describing the inside content which is sufficient to impress us. The front cover of this book has a picture of a girl and a boy and a bike. The cover is describing the passion of boy for bikes and his dreams. This was the first reason why I chose this book to read.

The story revolves around a small town guy Samarth, whose dream is to become a motorcycle racer. Even when he is in his college this dream of his didn’t seem to leave his mind. His life keeps on going around bikes, friends, and family until a girl named Sanchi stepped in his life. Life became a cakewalk for him and full of happiness when Sanchi reciprocated his feelings with the same passion. Soon they were madly in love with each other and nothing seems difficult until they have to move to different places to pursue higher studies. Long distance relationship, his dilemma to choose between career and his passion made Samarth’s life miserable. Something good happened in the end which was a lifetime opportunity for him. But what it was? I won’t tell you :p

The book was a light read and you can easily finish it in a go if you are an avid reader. The language was kept simple and easy to understand. There were few grammatical mistakes which disturbed the pace of reading but otherwise, it was good. A simple story is good to start reading.



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