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book, the sorting hat


book, the sorting hat
teenage diaries

Teenage diaries – The days that were is a teen fiction written in the simplest way as possible. The best part of the book was its plot, simple yet elegant and intriguing. Author has included many poems in the novel both in Hindi and English which were written so beautifully that I got engrossed in them. Throughout the book, I didn’t feel bored for even a second just because the book had kept me hooked till the end.

This is the story of the protagonist Ghanshyam along with other main characters like Vikram, manyTanya, Rishabh, Rahul, Aneya, Sneha, Sandy, Armaan, Pallavi, Aakash among others. This story describes everything which we had experienced at least once in our school life like bunking classes, discovering secret places in our school where no one else goes, falling in love and then break – up, playing FLAMES much more. The main character Ghanshyam falls in love with his classmate Aneya and before even confessing his love for her thing take a turn and he was left broken and alone with his only friend Vikram. He tries to overcome his grief and started studying hard for the board’s exams. He passed it with good marks and when promoted to eleventh class two guys enter the story and in the life of Ghanshyam namely Armaan and Sandy and soon they became best of friends. They enjoyed a lot in the passing year and experienced everything from smoking and drinking to betting in the car race. Everything was going smoothly and again events took a turn.
Will the friends be able to adapt the new change in their lives? Will Ghanshyam get the love of his life? Will the gang get into some trouble or even worse?

This novel is a kind of novel in which everything is explained in detail and you can feel that you are watching a movie. If this novel is turned into a movie it might attract many enthusiastic teenagers. The language was kept simple and it can keep you hooked till the end. The narration was really good throughout the novel. Author has done a commendable job while writing this novel.

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